farmland investment articleProfessional farm management services are provided to assist landowners with their farm property management decisions.  We customize your account to meet your specific needs and we will represent you in a timely, businesslike, and fair manner.  We analyze your farm and break down your goals to generate a detailed lease analysis that can include such leases as cash rent, flexible cash rent, crop share, or custom. 

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As professional farm managers, we stay abreast with the latest in agronomic technology and trends.  The use of the latest biotechnology in seed variety selection has evolved quite rapidly over the past decade and it is important to know the differences between these technologies.  Precision agriculture is a new term in recent years and it has become a very important tool in terms of farm management.  Site specific farming practices may benefit your farm and we can analyze these opportunities for you.  

Our team is very experienced in handling a variety of farm improvement projects including tile drainage installation, waterway construction, building site removal, other various earthwork projects, and consultation and management of wind energy projects.  Many of these projects improve the overall value of your farm as well as improving productivity which will generate higher returns.  


Many benefits of hiring a farm manager are:

• Prompt collection and disbursement of rental income and payment of expenses from an interest bearing trust account.

• Timely, accurate, and concise financial summary reports.

• Recommend appropriate government program participation which can help maximize income and increase land value.

• Monitoring of grain markets and developing a marketing plan for your grain.

• Take advantage of reduced input expenses for landowners and tenants through Northwestern Farm Management volume price discounts.